Friday, November 17, 2006

When user experiences go BAD

Having being evicted from the family office (don’t even ask — this story makes ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dallas’ look like ‘Little House on the Prairie’) I needed to relocate to home to work. (Home being a relative term as it’s in a seemingly permanent state of renovation; so isn’t, at present, a particularly salubrious place to live, let alone work).

Anyway, I needed to get reconnected to Broadband so I called Telecom and signed up for their “Broadband Unleashed”.

So the idea is they connect you at the exchange, and they send you out a modem and an installation CD and you install it all, and Bob’s your uncle!

The modem arrived. The package said “PC ONLY”.

Great! I phoned the Helpdesk and asked what happens if you have a Mac? They said that the modem will work with a mac, but the installation CD wouldn’t! But, not to worry, there was a PDF on the CD that tells you how to set it all up on a Mac.

Excellent! A CD I can’t open has the installation instructions on it. I asked if they could cut to the chase and just email me the PDF file, but no, not possible. “It’s on the CD”, they said.

‘Luckily’ I still had access to a PC at the soon-to-be-ex-office, so after a creaky half hour or so, I managed to extract the file, and print it out to bring home for when I got my computer here. . . more of which, anon.

Two questions for Telecom:
1. Why assume everyone uses Windows?
2. What part of making a CD-Rom cross-platform is too difficult for a multi-million $ monopoly (or anyone, for that matter)?

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